The following are real examples of a achilles tendon ruptured that was surgically repaired by Dr. Campitelli.  The video is of a patient that who had ruptured their tendon while playing basketball and presented for repair 2 weeks later. The repair was performed by augmenting the Achilles Tendon with the flexor tendon to the great toe. The Achilles was then wrapped with Arthroflex human tissue graft.

The recovery time a repair of an achilles tendon treated in this manner will typically take up to 3 months.  The first 3 weeks are non-weightearing with a cast and crutches.  Following this period, the patient is allowed to bear weight for 3 weeks in a walking boot progressing out of a “plantar flexed” position.  At 6-8 weeks following the surgery, weight bearing in a running shoe with a heel lift is allowed.  Physical therapy usually begins at 4-6 weeks post surgery.

If the rupture is diagnosed early enough for surgery to occur within 7 days of the injury, we can usually perform a more minimally invasive procedure where a small incision is made and the tendon ends are reapproximated by passing needles through the skin.  This is a technique known as PARS developed by Arthrex®.

Return to activity is significantly faster with this type of repair.

Dr. Campitelli performs both of theses procedures as a outpatient procedure at the following institutions:

University Hospitals Portage Medical Center
Akron General Cleveland Clinic
Summa Health Systems
Western Reserve Hopstial


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