Running Injury Specialist

Although my practice is surgically based, I attract and treat an overwhelming number of runners as the result of being a runner combined with my involvement in changing the running shoe industry by reverting runners back to minimalist shoes – i.e. less support and less cushion. I have had the opportunity of being involved with Vibram USA when FiveFingers were introduced, and presented one of the first publications on demonstrating the foot can be strengthened by transitioning to a shoe of this type.

Do Shoes fix injuries?

The short answer is no. If you are suffering from a running injury such as foot or arch pain, or even leg pain, more than likely the problem is not your shoes. By focusing on training patterns and form, most runners can resolve injuries that could have been chronic an ongoing for many years.

What about orthotics?

The number of orthotics I have received from my patients coming in complaining they are not working, far outweighs the number of orthotics I have prescribed to runners. How can this be? An orthotic or brace is designed to control or reduce motion in the event of a severe deformity or injury. Those with theses types of injuries should not be running and probably have a difficult time just walking. If you are suffering from a running injury and orthotics are not helping, more than likely by resolving your injury first and then correcting your training patterns and form we can prevent you from having chronic injuries from running.

If you are considering scheduling an appointment with Dr. Campitelli regarding a running injury, please advise the staff that your condition is related to running, especially if you live far away. This will allow for proper scheduling of your appointment.

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