Bunion surgery is sometimes a feared procedure which many times end up a with a great result and reduction in pain for the patient. Sometimes the deformity can reoccur which may require a secondary procedure. Here are some examples of what can be done to correct a bunion that has reoccured.


A revision had to be preformed to correct the deformity at the origin which is in the midfoot.

You can see the great toe is now straight and not touch the second toe.  This procedure is a permanent fix and will prevent the bunion from reoccurring in the future.



This correction was initially performed 20 years ago and the reoccurrence was creating issues with the great toe rubbing and irritating the second toe.  We were able to reduce the deformity by simply realigning the bone in the great toe as seen below.


If you failed your first bunion, don’t hesitate to consider a revision procedure as you can still get relief!

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