Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery

Bunion surgery and hammertoe surgery are the number one procedures performed by Dr. Campitelli.  Depending on the severity of your deformity, you most likely will be able to walk the same day or within 24 hours of having your procedure performed.  Many patients have concerns that bunion surgery can be a very painful and “horrific” surgery.  Dr. Campitelli is unique in that his approach tends to help put patients at ease and encourage them to schedule the surgery when it fits best for in their workplace or lifestyle.  This can make a world of difference in recovery.  If you are considering bunion surgery but aren’t sure your condition is severe enough to have surgery, it is always best to have your foot evaluated and have x-rays taken.  A bunion is a structural deformity of a joint.  The longer the joint is functioning in an abnormal position, the more damage to cartilage can occur making bunion correction less effective.

Surgeries are typically scheduled within 4 weeks of your initial appointment and are usually performed on Fridays if they are elective.  Surgical emergencies are performed as soon as time and scheduling permits.


Office Procedures

Minor procedures such as removal of inrgrown toenails, plantar wart excision, and even certain hammer toe procedures can be performed in office as a scheduled procedure.  Some even the same day as your initial appointment.

Ingrown Toenails

Both chronic and acute ingrown toenails can be treated in office and depending on the severity, the same appointment day.  Recovery involves a gauze bandage applied to the toe for 24 hours followed by a simple band aid in the two to four weeks that follow.  Runners can usually return to running within 24-48 hours. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Campitelli if you have been suffering from an ingrown toenail.

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts can many times be treated by excision in the office if the number of warts present allow for the procedure to be performed (i.e. one or several small lesions).  Excision of the lesions require an injection to number the area followed by several days of gauze bandaging.  Full recover can take several weeks until the excised area heals.  This is usually the procedure of choice for warts that have failed topical therapy, or for those who would rather not attempt topical therapy which could take weeks to months to resolve the wart.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Campitelli to have your plantar warts removed.

Hammer toe surgery

Although the majority of hammertoe surgeries performed by Dr. Campitelli are done in an outpatient surgery center some can be performed in the office.  A flexible hammertoe can be corrected by simply releasing an abnormally tight tendon in the toe through a small incision that requires a single suture and gauze bandage.  Recovery is only 2 days and the bandages are then removed allowing return to full activity. Schedule an appointment to see if your hammertoe can be fixed in the office.

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