Post Operative Instructions for Foot and Ankle Surgery

If you are scheduled for surgery or considering having surgery, you would greatly benefit from reading the following sections on post operative recovery.  This answers many of the questions you may have such as if you will need to be non weight bearing after surgery, how long before you can get your foot wet, when you can return to work, and many others you may have.  It is important to realize that every patient and surgical procedure is different so your recovery may differ from what is listed here.


Bunion Surgery

You have chosen to have bunion surgery by Dr. Nicholas A. Campitelli. While you may have heard stories of this being a painful surgery and long recovery, we have improved medical technology and refined the post operative course over the past 10 years to make this as smooth and painless of a recovery as possible. If you have already gone through your pre-operative visit with Dr. Campitelli, you should be aware of the options available for recovery. Some are not covered by insurance and if you would like to be proactive in all aspects of recovery you can elect to explore these options.


Ingrown Toenail Surgery

If you recently had an ingrown toenail removed by Dr. Campitelli, the following instructions will help guide you through the process of healing after the procedure.




Plantar Wart Surgery

You have chosen to have plantar wart surgery by Dr. Nicholas Campitelli. If the procedure was performed in the office or operating room setting without the use of sutures the following instructions will pertain to you. If you had surgical excision with suture closure, do not follow these instructions.



Having an amputation can be a very  stressful time for any patient and making it difficult to understand all of you post operative instructions.  The following instructions will help make this process easier for you as well as reduce any concerns you may have.


Reconstructive Surgery of the Foot or Ankle

If you have had recent surgery for an achilles tendon, ankle fracture, ankle ligament repair, or any “major” reconstructive surgery, you will find instructions and what to expect here.

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