The following article discusses how professional baseball player Addison Russell was sidelined for plantar fasciitis.  What’s interesting is, this is one of the few times that it was actually correctly reported as being a “strained” muscle.  Plantar fasciitis has long been referred to as a heel spur or simply put- heel pain.

It’s actually an overuse condition of the muscles and fascia of the arch which leads to pain, not different that if you were to develop tendonitis in your arm or shoulder.  What makes it difficult to recover from this in the foot is that we are on our foot daily- we never give our feet a rest.  Russell was off not for a typical bout of plantar fasciitis, but for a severe strain of the abductor hullucis muscle in his foot.

You can read more about plantar fasciitis here. 

Cubs don’t see finish line for Addison Russell yet: ‘I don’t think that there’s any rush’



Addison Russell is clearly dealing with something more complicated than the minor injury he expected to heal during a 10-day stay on the disabled list. The Cubs still don’t have a real timeline for when their All-Star shortstop will completely recover from the plantar fasciitis and strained muscle in his right foot.

“I don’t think that there’s any rush right now,” Russell said Tuesday at Wrigley Field. “I’m just going to go off how my body feels.”

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