Ankle and foot fractures can sideline you from your job or life for 6 to 8 weeks. Our physicians are surgically trained at handling all fractures of the foot and ankle.

Toe and Metatarsal Fractures

Fractures of the toe and metatarsal bones are common and require evaluation by a specialist. A podiatric foot and ankle surgeon should be seen for proper diagnosis and treatment, even if initial treatment has been received in an emergency room.

5th Metatarsal Fractures

What is a Fifth Metatarsal Fracture?
Fractures (breaks) are common in the fifth metatarsal, the long bone on the outside of the foot that connects to the little toe.

Signs and Symptoms include:

  • Pain, swelling, and tenderness on the outside of the foot
  • Difficulty walking
  • Bruising may occur
Lisfranc Fractures

The Lisfranc joint is the point at which the metatarsal bones (long bones that lead up to the toes) and the tarsal bones (bones in the arch) connect Injuries to the Lisfranc joint most commonly occur in automobile accident victims, military personnel, runners, horseback riders, football players, and participants of other
contact sports.
Signs and Symptoms may include:

  • Swelling of the foot
  • Pain throughout the midfoot when standing or when pressure is applied
  • Inability to bear weight (in severe injuries)
  • Bruising or blistering on the arch, this is an important sign of a Lisfranc injury. Bruising may also occur on the top of the foot.
  • Abnormal widening of the foot


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