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While not every foot or ankle problem can be fixed with something you purchase over-the-counter, there are a few alternatives that Dr. Campitelli recommends to improve your pain while waiting for surgery or if surgery is not an option.  Here are some of the products that we feel work best.

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Post Operative Options for Surgical Patients

Insurances will not cover many options available that can help speed up your recovery as well as significantly reduce post operative pain and complications.  Here are several items that Dr. Campitelli recommends his post operative patients to use after surgery.





Most bunion deformities are not correctable by using over the counter splinting or padding.  Typically they require correction with reconstructive surgery.  Here are a few products that Dr. Campitelli recommends trying before proceeding with bunion surgery.



Sometimes hammer toes can be managed with spacers and padding to prevent the painful corns that occur from forming.  Ultimately most will need fixed surgically, but here are some solutions for reducing pain or managing a deformed toe.



Toenail Fungus

Toeail fungus can be a very difficult and expensive condition to treat.  Kera Nail Gel is one of the most recommended toenail fungus solutions in Dr. Campitelli’s office.  You can order it here from our website as well.

fungal toenails

Cracked Heels

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Topical Nail Solution to soften and clear discolored toenails.
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