Patients routinely present to the office with a painful second toe (especially on the bottom of the joint) not realizing the cause of the pain or deformity.  The toe is typically resting higher then the others and the patients complain that the toe is starting to “pop” up in the air.

Below is an example of a bunion correction and relocation of the 2nd toe that is 6 weeks post surgery.  She was back to work and in a regular shoe at this point functioning well with no pain.

pringle post op bunion

There is some mild swelling the second toe which is consistent with healing at this stage of only being 6 weeks post op.  The swelling will continue to resolve to the bunion as well as the second toe as time goes on.  It can sometimes take six months to a year for swelling to resolve after foot surgery.


Below are some examples of dislocated second toes where



Back Camera


IMG_7625 (1)


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