Tendon Ruptures

Achilles Tendon Surgery : A shortened rehabilitation period.

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Achilles tendon ruptures are known for their long recovery times, which in the past have been known to require five to nine months of rehabilitation on average.  Our office institutes the current standard of care which speeds up the  recovery period to only 3 months.

A recently published case study in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery focuses on a shortened recovery time after surgeons repaired an acute Achilles tendon rupture with the InternalBrace (Arthrex) knotless technique.1 The patient was a 36-year-old physical trainer and elite bobsled pilot who made a complete recovery return to a full baseline level of training after only 12 weeks. The surgery occurred 11 days post-injury.  Read more in my blog post at www.podiatrytoday.com


Surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles Tendon: A Surgical Video

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The following are real examples of a achilles tendon ruptured that was surgically repaired by Dr. Campitelli.  The video is of a patient that who had ruptured their tendon while playing basketball and presented for repair 2 weeks later. The repair was performed by augmenting the Achilles Tendon with the flexor tendon to the great toe. The Achilles was then wrapped with Arthroflex human tissue graft. Read More

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