I recently blogged about plantar fasciitis and cortisone injections on my running blog and received a lot of comments back about cortisone being “harmful” or a “bandaid”.  I would like to elaborate more on this controversial topic and help guide others to understand how cortisone can play a role in the healing process – SAFELY.

Consider that if someone struck your arm with a hammer, you would have pain and swelling.  Any anti-inflammatory would reduce the pain and inflammation.  If they continue to strike you arm with the hammer, the pain and inflammation will return.  With plantar fasciitis, the challenge is finding out what the “hammer” is.  Sometimes the hammer could have been an isolated event, and the cortisone fixes it. Other situations are chronic and it can be a challenge to find the problems or source of the reoccurring inflammation.

I have and continue to help many patients with the use of cortisone injections.  When used correctly, it is a safe and effective way of treating and resolving inflammation.  It can even be much safer then using NSAIDS such as Ibuprofon which can create stomach irritation. 

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