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Will I have a scar after bunion surgery?

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Having bunion surgery will generally not produce a scar that will be visible if you are concerned about the appearance of your foot.  While many women may be concerned about the appearance of their foot after bunion surgery, a scar is usually not reason enough to avoid having bunion surgery. It

Dislocation of the second toe caused by a bunion deformity.

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Patients routinely present to the office with a painful second toe (especially on the bottom of the joint) not realizing the cause of the pain or deformity.  The toe is typically resting higher then the others and the patients complain that the toe is starting to “pop” up in the

Bunion Surgery in 84 year old

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    It’s never too late to fix your bunion.  Too often patients will present with a severe bunion deformity asking for possible options to reduce the pain so they can be more functional and do the activities they would like to do, but will not consider surgery.  Sometimes they

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