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Foot pain on the “outside” of your foot. 

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One of the most common complaints for foot pain is the result of tendonitis which occurs when a patient compensates from another foot problem. There are two tendons known as the peroneous longus and peroneous brevis which prevent the foot from inverting or turning in when walking. Essentially they are

Ankle pain? A simple arthroscopy could relieve your pain.

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Ankle pain can be a nagging problem which may be the result of an old injury such as an ankle sprain, or just from chronic arthritis resulting from wear and tear throughout the years.

Painful Ankle? Look at what was inside of this ankle.

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Here’s a 65 year old male who presented with a chronic painful left ankle that he described as occasionally “giving out”. Radiographs revealed an abnormally large fragment of bone (os trigonum) to the back of his ankle joint. An MRI was performed as I was suspicious of a ruptured peroneal

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