Are cortisone injections bad for you?

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I recently blogged about plantar fasciitis and cortisone injections on my running blog and received a lot of comments back about cortisone being “harmful” or a “bandaid”.  I would like to elaborate more on this controversial topic and help guide others to understand how cortisone can play a role in the healing process – SAFELY.

Consider that if someone struck your arm with a hammer, you would have pain and swelling.  Any anti-inflammatory would reduce the pain and inflammation.  If they continue to strike you arm with the hammer, the pain and inflammation will return.  With plantar fasciitis, the challenge is finding out what the “hammer” is.  Sometimes the hammer could have been an isolated event, and the cortisone fixes it. Other situations are chronic and it can be a challenge to find the problems or source of the reoccurring inflammation.

I have and continue to help many patients with the use of cortisone injections.  When used correctly, it is a safe and effective way of treating and resolving inflammation.  It can even be much safer then using NSAIDS such as Ibuprofon which can create stomach irritation. 

Arthritis of the Great Toe and Surgical Fusion: The First MPJ Arthrodesis Procedure. 

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Arthritis of the big toe is one of the most common joints of the foot to get arthritis in. If caught early enough, the joint can be cleaned out surgically to remove the arthritic areas and fragments. Later stage and more severe great toe arthritis involves either replacing the joint or fusing it.

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Medical Treatments of the Past

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Here’s and interesting look at some old remedies as well some real life medical treatments we once used! 

What is Raynaud’s Disease: Diagnosing And Treating

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With winter’s arrival, many of us will begin seeing patients with weather-related injuries present to our offices. One of the most common conditions tends to be Raynaud’s disease. It is important to distinguish between Raynaud’s disease and Raynaud’s phenomenon as they are two clinically different presentations that are characterized by the severity of the symptoms. Raynaud’s disease is the milder of the two conditions as it presents with vasospasm alone and has no association with other systemic diseases.1

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Ankle pain? A simple arthroscopy could relieve your pain.

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Ankle pain can be a nagging problem which may be the result of an old injury such as an ankle sprain, or just from chronic arthritis resulting from wear and tear throughout the years. Read More

Painful Ankle? Look at what was inside of this ankle.

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Here’s a 65 year old male who presented with a chronic painful left ankle that he described as occasionally “giving out”.

Radiographs revealed an abnormally large fragment of bone (os trigonum) to the back of his ankle joint.
An MRI was performed as I was suspicious of a ruptured peroneal tendon. The MRI revealed no damage.

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